Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Where has the week gone

well I have decided that it's time for you to meet the not so camera shy members of our family.

This is Tibbles " Princess Tibblesworth " to give her the full title as decided by Elizabeth 6 years ago when she joined our family.

This is how she spends her days such a hard life.
Such a beautiful gentile cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This if you look carefully is her latest hiding / hunting ground. we discovered her there on sunday and lo and behold right next to her head is a nest. whilst we have never encouraged birds into the garden by feeding them we can not stop them nesting.

Now Tibbles thinks this is great her version of pussy ready meals. Sadly for her and luckily for the birds I spotted her and she was removed .So the end of the story everyone lived happily ever after? not so sadly there was a young bird bought into us as a trophy later that night. The sad thing is Tibbles is so proud of her efforts and can not understand why we scold her. Thats life
Todays Family news Liz is back off to uni today its been great having her home but now its time to return .

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