Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A new week

Well its Tuesday so far this week 1 trip to Casualty for myself caused by me playing goofy with Chris on Sunday, involving water, tiled wet floor and a kitchen cupboard oh yes and my toe. Verdict 1 broken toe lots of pain and no sympathy.

Saturday was a catch up day really housework Ironing read the paper ect then Sat evening Jean arrived and it was off to dinner t the cottage http://www.ternhillfarm.co.uk/ a great evening was had by all.

Had a great Sunday did lots of gardening with Lizzie, we dug over and re planted all the plants that Aunt Jean and I had removed to try and rid a rockery of cooch grass.All the plants spent 8 weeks in grow bags and boy did they grow.

I then finished a job that I had started last Autumn, making the space at the side of the house into a covered garden shed minus a door. Ian built it in Sept and I dumped all my stuff in there. Well Sunday broken toe and all (unknown at this stage) hobled down and removed all pots tools ect. ian added a shelf for me and away I went 2 hours later and all I now need is an electric point ( for mini fridge can of G & T or mini bottle of wine and Radio) and I am well away peace and quiet away from real life !!!!

We then ate outside for the first time this year oh chicken taste so much nicer outside not sure why that is maybe cos Ian cooked it.

The other great treat of the weekend was that we had all the kids home for dinner it was excellent hopefully if I can work it out there will be photos on this blog.

Well I think that is all our news so far so catch you again soon

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