Saturday, 14 June 2008

Friday 13th

Well for us the day was relatively uneventful. My Father was transferred to Papworth hospital for Pacemaker surgery this did not happen as he has an infection or something maybe gout on his right hand.
At work Ian was at an unveiling of a monument to remember the lives of miners killed 100 years ago. ( this was funded by the company that Ian works for.

I had a conversation with the head teacher of a small primary school re the possibility of me doing 9 hours a week at her school as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant basically teaching for 3 afternoons a week, this would be in addition to the hours I currently do at Longlands. I would love the challenge and quit looking for a more fulfilling job.

Today Ian & I were up early to meet Becky and go to Papworth to Visit Dad after an uneventful journey we arrived. a super hospital mix of old and new. the staff were so friendly.

Hopefully Dad will get his surgery on Monday then if all goes well back to Peterborough on Tuesday.

Tomorrow Is Fathers day and we will be spending it ( well the afternoon) at Becky & Carl's who it seems has decided that she has green fingers. Basically we have to sing for our supper and help them fill the skip with garden rubbish ready for extension work to start.

Okee dokee that all for now off to get dinner then off out with friends for a drink.

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