Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Whats new

I think we have created a new species this is either a 19 year old with facial transplant in need of a shave or a dog who has developed long legs.

It is amazing how Chris can always find something to hide behind.

As you have probably noticed I have once again followed the lead by Krista and put a playlist on. These are all songs that have a meaning for me except for the new Neal Diamond one I just love it .

This was what Chris and I actually came out to look at last night. After no flowers last year we now have this beautiful one.

Ian has worked really hard at getting the pond clear this year he had had a major prob with the filter so upgraded this year think he has enough pump power to clean the River Mersey. It looks so fantastic.

It's amazing what a mix of sun and rain does to roses this plant has just burst into life and the fragrance is amazing still.Well it's my morning so off to pot up 3 hanging baskets and do a bit of dead heading. Oh My Dad is off to Papworth Friday.

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