Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Such Love

Last month a very good friend of ours Linda Connell who we have known since 1985 sent a parcel up for Becky & Carl and Lizzie. It contained 2 beautiful quilts one for Becky & Carl for their wedding and the other for Lizzie to celebrate her 21st birthday ( Linda is one of Lizzie's Godparents) The material could not have been more appropriate if the girls had chosen them themselves.

kooking at this picture you can not see the theme but basically it is all about cats with paw prints, cats etc on. Both quilts are stunning and something that I am sure they will have for years to come.

There is another member of the family ( well Becky & Carl's family actually) that I need to introduce to you.

This is Emerald Emmy for short, she was a cat whose owners used the same cattery as Aunt Jean and Gemma (Chris's girlfriend) . Basically she needed a good home and landed on her paws with B & C she was amazingly overweight and still is but goes to cat diet class and has special food the weight is slowly coming off.

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