Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Garden of Eden

Is it a bird is it a plane?

It is a House Martin coming into land.

OK I got sidetracked. Before lunch I did do lots of pruning then Ian made a fab carbonara using the pasta Liz bought us from Italy in January.

I was just starting again when I heard the birds, grapped the camera and spent the next 10 minutes photographing their comings and goings. If you can zoom in on the nest it looks just like a hanging basket.

Anyway decided that as the Temperature is in the mid 70s (this is probs our summer) I would relax in the shade.

OK Fed the babies now it's time to get some more food.

This carried on for ages took over 100 photos ( Thank goodness for digital). Penny and Tilly decided they wanted to be in on the action as well .

Penny chose to pose in the shade ( always has been sensible)

Tilly as usual was not far from my side .

Not sure who this is pretending to be shy can only assume its Chris deciding that he does not want to be photographed.

Alfresco lunch.

And yes I have done some gardening.

Back to it right now.

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