Saturday, 7 June 2008

How does my Garden grow

Well it has been a long day. I have not actually managed to do any gardening except to water salad pots and break the water butt tap which was full and is now all over the path at side of house.

I decided to just practice with camera
and get some
pics of my favourite plants
at the moment.
This Hannah's "Firework" clematis she chose
it couple of years ago and loves it.

This is my favourite plant it is so dainty just a
shame it is so low down.

And these roses are Ian's they were put in 2 years ago in preparation for Becky & Carl's wedding but did not flower. This year they seem to be doing really well. The fragrance is fantastic.

I can hardly wait for the Hollyhocks to bloom having said that I love them at this stage with their vibrant green foliage.

I have to say this little flower is always popping up come rain or sun she is the lesser spotted Millie from next door. You may recognise her from the wedding photos she was the young bridesmaid or princess as she was called.

And a trip in the garden would not be the same

without Tilly or Penny joining me, normally

accompanied by a plant pot to throw or ball

to kick.

And finally a trip to the garden always involves a variety of birds landing on the fence or bathing in the pond. I do not feed the birds as having cats it really is not fair.

Today's trip to Peterborough was OK. My Dad was very forgetful and quite confused. Hopefully after he has the pacemaker fitted he will improve.
Tomorrow really is going to be gardening day.
Hope you have had a good day .

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