Friday, 6 June 2008

Friday Night is...................................

Well most families would think Friday night is for going to the cinema or maybe visit friends. Go out for a meal or stroll to the pub not the Cooks tonight.
It seems to have been a busy week all round.
Liz and Hannah chose to make a get well card rather than go and buy one, for Beauty Grandad ( My Dad) who is in hospital
waiting for a pacemaker. We are visiting him tomorrow.

Chris & Ian decamped to the snug to watch a fishing program.

Whilst I did the mountain of ironing.Followed at 9 by Ian who watched Big Brother 9 with rest of Family while ironing and I blogged.

Oh Hannah and liz also made a Pineapple upside down cake.

The only residents of Eden House
on their way out were the cats.
Tomorrow depending when We get home I may get into the garden if not that's Sundays job.
Have a great weekend
Oh and Krista thank you so much for the recipe I have been kid of making it but missing out parts .

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mrsmdiamonds said...

hi ,
Wow , i love the photos you have posted you all look beautiful and the garden does also .
Say hi to everyone for me . i think this blog is a great idea so everyone can see what you are up to .
Hope to see you guys soon ,.
Mrs Michelle Diamonds
(Joan and Charlies Daughter ) xxxx