Saturday, 28 June 2008

Marquee construction time in Oswestry.

Well today we were invited to join the Buxton family in Oswestry. I have known them since 1984 and it feels like family when we are together. Helen is getting married to Howard on July 26th and today was a trial run for a marquee purchased on ebay. All the family except Steff & Dave were there. We had great fun and much to
Christopher's annoyance I got loads of pics.

Niney ( welsh for Nanna) AKA Susie

Hani 2

let's go

George 5

Alfie 2

Faris 1

Charlotte & Alison

16 man hours later time for a brew

And finally the Bride and Groom to be Helen & Howard.

So as you can see a good fun afternoon was had by all can't wait for the wedding.

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helen.buxton said...

Nice pics Tracy, unfortunately some don't open (the one of C & A and the one of H & H)