Monday, 30 June 2008

So much for having the day in the garden

I guess I must be a fair weather gardener. Got home from Church today with plan to garden but then the heavens opened. My poor rose got battered as well.

Vicky from next door came round to discuss our camping trip to Anglesey in August to celebrate Ian's Birthday. has an indoor pool so must be good .
Millie came with her Mum and ended up staying to play with the dolls house we ended up making a fimo Dalmatian ( looked like it was cocking it's leg) and a black and white cat.

So decided to do meal plan for month. Spend most of late afternoon and evening trawling through Jamie Oliver cook books. Want to make meals more interesting. Anyone else bored with cooking. Always seem to do same old meals week in week out. Will let you know if it works.

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