Monday, 23 June 2008

Monday Monday

They say every picture tells a story well this one does. It was taken last June. I was driving Ian

up to Manchester for a meeting one Saturday morning. We got probably half way there and my car broke down big style. We ended up calling Liz and getting her to drive up with the Ka . Ian left The girls and I on the side of the motorway awaiting arrival of the AA while he drove to his meeting ( I was going to visit a friend and we were then going out for lunch). The girls decided they were cold so put my fleece on between them. It kind of sums Liz and Hannah up they are so alike.

This week is a busy one as usual . Chris has his last day at Morrison's tomorrow, he is so looking forward to starting his new job on Wednesday. He will be working for a company that distributes Bridgestone golf clubs.

Hannah is working after college Tuesday & Wednesday.

Ian is away from Tuesday until Thursday, that's good news means we can have pasta bake one night.

I am working as normal have to fill application form in for a job I have been interviewed for strange way round but who knows .

Well thats all for now.

I love doing this as I can listen to my music list while typing.

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