Sunday, 22 June 2008

Papworth to Norton

Wow what a day 289 miles from Home to visit Dad in Papworth then popped into see Jean as we were so close. Had Hannah with us as well so that was good
The day started with trying to get out of the house.

We knew immediately that Chris & Gemma had had a good night out.

So we decide to return them to Gemma's house.

After staying with Dad for an hour or so we left him to eat his lunch in peace. Whilst we got our picnic and sat in the grounds of the hospital.

These fish were amazing, such noisy eaters and getting on so well with the swans ducks and moorhens.

Having gone back to see Dad briefly we set of home. Dad by the way is looking much better although still forgetful. The hospital are planning to move him back to Peterborough tomorrow.

Called in to see Aunt Jean on the way home her garden is coming on so well. lots of different veg growing, roses galore and copious different plants. And she really seems so happy and settled.
These pots are all on old tree stumps looks brilliant .

Still lots of plants need permanent homes but it really is looking so good.
As you can see Jean has been very busy digging veg plots.

And finally back home this is my favourite view as we approach Market Drayton , this is St Mary's the church we attend.

Anyway must go as Hannah is waiting to use PC hope your weekend has been a good one.

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