Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Monday night is Rainbow night

For those of you who don't know I am a Rainbow guider this is the youngest members of Girl guiding UK . The same as Daisies in USA. Our girls are aged 5-7 and typically we do very girly things. Last night we had the local florist visit us. Hocus Pocus in Market Drayton www.hocuspocusdesignerflorists.co.uk/ Each girl was asked to bring in a saucer and a few flowers . The girls turned up with an amazing array of flowers some from Grandmas garden some from their own and some from the supermarket. Well the hour went so quickly and we were all amazed at what the girls produced. As you can see Hannah got stuck in( she is our young leader) alongside her friend Sarah. I ended up with a lovely centre piece.

After the flower arranging we still had a short while left so went outside and played rounders once again Hannah got stuck in and I managed to capture these action shots just wondering if there is a ladies baseball team that need any help.

Latest news on my Father is that Today he is being transferred to Addenbrooks hospital to the fracture clinic as they have discovered that he has a fractured arm right at the top near his collar bone. Ian went to visit him last night ( Hospital is 90 minutes away from his office and 2 1/2 hours from home.) and managed to sort a few things out like why he is not eating basically he can't feed himself as he is in too much pain. So hopefully after a conversation with staff this is now resolved.I can not believe that it is June and I am still wearing sweaters ( I said that heatwave was our 2 day summer) lets hope we get some warmth, we have the sun just no heat.

Latest news on Aunt Jean is that her phone line will be connected tomorrow sometime , I know she can not wait to be connected to the outside world again. Well I am off to hang out 2nd load of washing then off to work. Have a great day everyone.

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