Thursday, 19 June 2008


Today is the first time I have a chance to blog can not believe how quickly the week has gone.

Had an interview at a new school today it would be to do 3 afternoons at additional to what I already work. It would be a brilliant job. I would also be working virtually full time so fingers crossed.
Tonight went with a friend to photograph her horse took Tilly with us I am sure she thought that Leavano was a dog.
This is Leavano did not hang around to be photographed to long was more interested in her friend in the next field.
Tilly enjoyed posing but nothing new there I think she is the dog version of my cousins son.
Well I have just Read my cousins blog and I am extremely jealous for a number of reasons 1) The kids have started their summer holidays - I have another 22 school days don't finish until 18th July. 2) They had sunshine and obvious warmth as Cooper was in shorts - we have sun but no heat in it in fact yesterday it was like a wet September day horrid.
I am not jealous really it is all swings and roundabouts after the winter those guys had of endless snow they deserve some good weather.
Yesterday was our forest school session, this is were a class has the whole afternoon come rain or shine in the school forest.
A part of the playing field has been fenced of and the grass allowed to grow and additional trees planted. It is a great place for children to be free to learn yesterday we cooked marshmallows on a fire and squashed them between digestive biscuits bit like smores but not as nice.
Well that's all for today
Oh no news on My Dad still waiting for op.

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