Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hat Trick Dog

Guess what ? Yep it's raining but so as not to waste them I walked the dog in shorts and actually it's not cold just miserably wet.
Tilly seems to be adjusting to life without Penny although she will not eat her food in the utility room where they both used to eat before.

Tootsie posing on the sofa as she often does.

This was the 5th attempt at getting the photo of Tilly, but at least she is ready if the sun comes out.

I get to go to high school today for a whole day. One of the boys I work alongside is having a taster day with the rest of the local year 5's. No idea what that entails will let you know tomorrow.

Tonight I am going for a sleepover at Jeans really looking forward to that not seen each other for ages and certainly not to just sit and chat.
Might even get a glass of wine as well ,especially as I do not have to be at work until midday tomorrow.
Well off to work now so hope all is well wherever you are

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