Sunday, 13 July 2008

Summer might be here.

You may recognise the hat Tilly wore it earlier in the week.

Well all plans we might have had for today were abandoned when we woke up to sunshine. That's not strictly true as I did have to visit a church in Muxton this morning to see how they did children's work.


When I got home had an text from Vicky asking us if we wanted to go swimming you will be pleased that I did not take the camera for that part of the afternoon.


Hannah protecting herself with water pistol not for long tho.

Hannah was warding off Tom at this point. She did not keep control of the water pistol for much longer.

As is quite often the case when you have an impromptu gathering it can be more fun and relaxing than one that has been planned for weeks.


We enjoyed an hour of swimming first half was outdoors and second half we came to our senses and went into the warmth.

Dave and Vicky then joined us for a bar b Q not easy when the supermarket is closed but we discovered how good the local shop was. And with store cupboard stock and fridge contents a feast was had by all.

All that is except Chris and Ben (Next doors oldest son) who decided earlier in the day that they would Barbi as well.

Ben & Chris decided to play Tennis & Tilly decided she was going to be ball dog.

They then made it more like Wimbledon and put a net up LOL

Tilly followed the ball just like a real game.

They did not want to join us so had their own set up,

What they did not realise was that you had to take the portable Bar B Q out of the cardboard carrier. Krista if reading this tell Jack there was no need to call the local fire brigade. ( How I don't Know ).

Come 8.30 Next door went home we cleaned up and the prep for tomorrow begins.

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Kathe said...

Looks like great fun has had by all! Would have loved to have been there to share in the good times. Soon!