Thursday, 17 July 2008

Where is the time going?

Well this week has flown by it's Thursday allready thats great tho as tomorrow we break up for school.

Monday I did a couple of fun races at Rainbows they loved it. Especially the dressing up race with a difference!!!!!!!! the girls had to run and get the item pass to their young leader ( Hannah is one) and then when all items were on the young leader had to crawl down to the finish line and run back HEEE HEEE.

Guess who forgot to check that the memroy card was in the fully charged camera?

Tuesday saw the school sports day in the morning and disco in the afternoon altho I did not see much of the disco as I was with my 1-1 child.

At 8.45pm Hannah & I drove up to Sheffield and stayed with Alison & Naeem (James & Susie Buxtons daughter) .

Yesterday was the best day of the week Hannah and I went to look at Sheffield university wow it was fantastic. We listened to a number of short talks then went up to the accommodation block well one of them. Oh boy I can not believe that Hannah is nearly old enough for uni.

I did not take this photo found on net. It is of the Frith building so stunning in side as well.
There are some really wonderful buildings in Sheffield and I think it is Hannah's 1st choice although we are going to look at a couple more over the holidays.
This is the Library what a contrast in buildings.
After Dinner with Alison we left for home and relying on Christopher's Tom Tom came home a totally different way to the one it had taken us going. We ended up near Manchester so could not resit calling a couple of friends namely Carolyn and Georgina & Ian all who were in and glad to see us. We had a half hour catch up with each oh and a cup of tea and came home. Two tired girls after a 25 hour road trip. It is not often I get to spend time 1-1 with any of the children now so it is a real bonus when I do especially as it allowed me a day ( half a day actually ) off work.

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