Sunday, 20 July 2008

Walk in the woods


We had a lovely surprise on Friday Liz called up to say she was going with James to see Becky & Carl as her PC had died, and could they come over and stay the night?

Obviously after much consideration and thought ( a nano seconds worth) I said yes.

We also had Charlotte Pete & George coming over to stay but hey no worries we have elastic walls.

Then we hit a problem Hannah got sick , now normally we would not worry nor would our friends but as we are all at a wedding next weekend we let Charlotte know and relocated to our neighbours house.

Nice neighbours I hear you say well yes they are but they also know Pete and we were due to have dinner together in the evening.

Anyway back to Liz and James

decided to meet them at Logggerdeads woods on route into town and here are the pics.

This is James for those who don't know him monkeying around!!!!!!!!!

Tilly being spoilt by Liz

James & Liz

What can I say about this except I MUST LOOSE WEIGHT

Father & Daughter

As you can see we managed to walk between showers . Today is sunnier so have washing on the line and am hoping to garden later.

Hope your weekend going well.

Off to make brunch for everyone.

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