Sunday, 31 August 2008

Buxton Cook Bar B Q

Now for many of you this will be just another set of BBQ photos. To all of us this was a very special day. We are 2 families who have been Connected since June 1984. I lived with James and Susie, Helen, Charlotte Alison And Steph. Then along came Ian. Added to that over the years Becky, Liz, Chris And Hannah and then the Buxton girls one by one got married to Pete, Dave, Naeem And Howard add into that Carl, James, Gemma and Tom and the 5th half generation Of George, Hani, Faris and Alfie and you have 24 members of a special group of People. Let’s see what the next additions to this group are. This bar B Q Was a send of really, Charlotte Pete and George are off to Perth in 10 days to Live and Steph, Dave and Alfie are relocating to Palm Beach . This was a chance for James and Susie to be amongst family with no hastle of preparing food or cleaning up.

The assembled crew, minus Chris & Gem who were already going out and Dave who was working, Ian was in his usual place manning the Bar B Q oh and Helen took this shot.

krista's Strawberry and Spinach salad went down a treat so wish I had made double. Also made Aunt Pats potatoes salad that also went down very well, now have to make 2 varieties with egg and mustard and without egg and mustard.

Liz and James

Children's play area and Jenga tower love Duplo addition

Susie & Ian

Then along came Alfie the demolition team.

Naeem and Howard


Helen, Steph, Alison and Charlotte James in the back ground.

Possible highlight of the time for the boys was feeding the fish.managed to get Chris involved in a couple of family photos

The Origianal 6 Buxtons

With the addition of Grandchildren

Good job it was alchol free

Alison, Naeem Faris and Hani

Whose feet ?

Jenga bricks now just building bricks.

We ended the evening with sitting round the brazier toasting marshmallows and having kind of Smores, but truly not as good as the ones cousin Rachel makes mostly because we do not have Graham crackers we used digestives .
So as you can see a great time was had by all.

The morning after the night before time to get dressed and start the tidy up.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful BBQ! So glad everyone liked the strawberry spinich salad, always a crowd pleaser. I guess now it's gone international! Enjoy your last day off. We're looking forward to starting school on Tuesday, there will be loads of pictures, I'm sure! Honey-do list= a list of chores you want your husband to do ie: honey, please do this list of chores!

Eden House said...

Ok will make mine then I usually say "IAAAN " and his reply is what do you want me to do LOL