Monday, 1 September 2008

Review of the Summer

Well I decided that as it was the last day of the school holidays I would look
back over the activities.
We were mostly blessed with ok weather when
needed. What more could we ask for.

Firstly Ian & I went on a fantastic walk in Loggerheads woods with Tilly meeting Liz and James.

Then there is this Hollyhock such a wonderful vibrant colour that survived the wind and rain.
Next came the trip to Tatton flower show with Jean fantastic weather what more could we have asked for on a day out.
Next was Helen & Howard's wedding, we were so thankful for the warmth of the sun but pleased to have a cool walk in the shade of the woods to the church.

And even tho we were blown away by the wind and rain at Ian's birthday camping trip we were so blessed by this wonderful sunset.

This was the full moon of the weekend Dirk & Louise stayed amazingly took this with my normal camera.It was cold that night.

Yet another plant that has added superb colour to a corner of the garden.

Have not seen many butterflies this summer, but loved these that Faye had made saw them when we joined Jo & Chesh for a Barbie rained at first but then great sunshine.

Ok it did rain at Matthew's farewell party but the gazebos kept everyone dry .

And then there was it's a knockout semi cloudy but no rain and not cold with bursts of sun. very muddy underfoot tho.

And finally Buxton Cook Barbie we were able to fire up the brazier for the first time this year and had a lovely couple of hours toasting marshmallows drinking wine and chatting.

So as you can see we had ok weather really no we don't have a sun tan but our water butt is full and the plants all alive.
Back to work now .

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