Wednesday, 3 September 2008

New Beginngs

Well I do not have any 1st day back Photos sorry to disappoint lol.
I started yesterday and instead of beginning to make and gather resources for the booster groups I will be doing I was working in the school office. I enjoyed it but was greatly relieved when it was decided I would swap places with a TA who knew the office so ye ha I am in class 1 for next 2 weeks.

Hannah has just headed of for her last year in formal education year 13 she will be studying RE Film studies and Phsycology hopefully getting enough UCAS points to go to Uni and study to be a social worker.

Chris is just getting ready to leave for work
Ian in Caerphilly mentoring staff.
And as for me well I am just getting ready to leave.
Have a great day will post pics tomorrow .

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