Friday, 5 September 2008

A brill afternoon

This is Tilly at last she has learnt to play with toys, we think before penny died she just used to take them so Penny could not have them but now she plays.

This is Bridgnorth from the bridge it is a beautiful market town.

Last nigh went to see AJ after school ( don't worry I did my home work) we were going blackberry picking but guess what rain stopped picking now there is a surprise.

we had a great afternoon drinking lady grey tea and doing Telegraph crossword. Thought you might like to see how AJ's front garden is growing , she has worked brilliantly on it

I will take my proper camera next time and get more detail.

I snapped this from the car the sky was the most amazing hue of reds purples, blues white and greys shame you have to look sideways . for some reason can not rotate.

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