Thursday, 14 August 2008

Catch Up

Well hello everyone It has been 2 weeks since my last confession . What have I / we been up to ? well not much really .
I visited Sylvia for a week.

This was a week of pottering around and not really doing very much but it was great to spend some quality time with someone who is so like a Mother to me.

The Birthday Camping Trip ...........

I came home and then managed to pack enough equipment into a KA car (tiny ) plus Hannah & Tom and Tilly the dog and at 10.30 off we headed to Anglesey , a tiny Island off Wales, following Vicky and her Children Milly 6 and Henry 2.

In theory this was to be our garden for the next 3 days.

This our home

And this our view .

We had a great afternoon Thursday but boy was it windy on Thursday night .

Friday came and we were eating kippers at 8am ( why is it that when camping you wake up so early) At 10 we set of for a swim in the fab indoor pool.

The Dads (Ian & Dave ) arrived about 3 followed by Adrian & Michelle. The idea was that we were having 2 nights camping to celebrate Ian's Birthday.
The gazebo courtesy of Tom's family was duly erected , this was to be our communal area.

As you can see most glasses were at this stage only have empty ( we worked on it )

Friday evening was glorious we thought we were going to have a fantastic time. The real party was to be Saturday when Becky & Carl and Liz & James were due to arrive about 10am for the party proper.
If I was to say this was the calm before the storm campers will know what I mean........

Needless to say Friday night was awful and for obvious reasons there is not a pictorial record of Saturday morning. Suffice to say that we were all Soaked one tent (ours a The LEBEN COLOGNE 9 useless waste of money don't touch with a barge pole) was destroyed in the wind I awoke to wet feet where it had collapsed. and one of our friends tents suffered a broken pole. Needless to say we came home.


No we will not be defeated it was decided that all would reconvene at our house at 4pm having dried out and purchased a new tumble drier( ours died and we had 15 loads of washing and it was raining) .

We had a murder mystery ( courtesy of Cadwell family)

Indoor Bar B Q (grilled ) loads of booze great friends family & Fun and the best part was that Chris was able to join us so we had the whole family there .

Oh and of course there was a birthday cake , organised by Becky .

And we all went to bed and slept soundly.

On Ian's actual birthday we had a lamb roast by Liz & Hannah followed by Birthday cake by Liz.

A long Blogg but a whistle stop tour of our comings and goings.

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