Monday, 18 August 2008

What a weekend- Friday/Sat

Dirk & Louise arrived on Thursday with Elliot 9 Jacques 18 months and Theo 4 months ,we had a great evening with them went to look at labradoodle puppies.
Tibbles decided to investigate a new home how she got in I do not know.

Pumba thought it was time to investigate the pond .

As you can see a Golden Retriever was chosen" PUMPA" Tilly was not so impressed with that part of our house guests .

Jacques has got so much more confident on the rocking horse maybe he will be a jockey someday or an equestrian rider in the Olympics.

Elliot & Chris where definitely more interested in their Apple Macs.

All in all Pumpa was just being a puppy and enjoying the new playground.

The new happy family . As Louise commented when we met they were 3 now they are 6.

Ok so that's the first part be warned I said it was a weekend .

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