Monday, 18 August 2008

Saturday part 1-The Send off

Well the time has come to give Matt ( Christopher's best mate and our unadopted 2nd son) a good send off. On Bank holiday Monday he goes off to the Army it is something he has wanted to do for years and despite trying other jobs it is the army he has kept coming back to. On Saturday Ian & I arrived to a Gazebo filled garden ( it's our weather you know Rain Rain Rain) and various people who know and love Matt.

The Barman Roy

Roy & Linda had made super food
Ian & Linda
There was a good ( well they did behave) turnout from the rugby club who after emptying the bar decided to go to town. You will be pleased to know that there are no photos from that part of the day.This was early on they ended up looking worse and sounding louder .......

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Rach said...

Um...Mike is hot, Tracy.
Send him over here, will you?