Sunday, 24 August 2008


Ian was manager for the Bees Knees , the event was to raise money for young carers in Sandwell area
No Christopher has not put weight on . He was a caveman who ended being blindfolded great hilarity all round

Think Hannah was bored and missing Tom

Next up was transferring water not sure Chris read the signsAaaaaaaagh such love Gemma was there to support the weary competitor at the end.Next to the fun fair so far so good Gem had passed the height restriction but alas she could not get into her seat without the aid of Chris. So Like his Beauty Grandad putting something in his mouth to free up hands.Feet mmm whose are they?

Becky & Carl had a great time as well

This was more Tracy's cup of tea sitting in a Marquee asking and listening to questions re gardening. I won two Goody bags and a box of weed killer.

The toilets were great and yes Becky ( she had possession of the camera) I did wash my hands
And whilst I do not really enjoy motorbikes what this display team did was very clever. This is called the Isle of Man
So have to say this has been one of the best Bank Holiday Sundays in ages plus the weather was good.

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