Saturday, 23 August 2008

Another day in Shropshire

Today was always going to be a catch up day having spent so much time in Bridgnoth this week with the Chiropractor and Visiting Jean I have hardly been home. But Boy oh Boy it has been worth it . I feel so much better and my pain is almost gone. I have blitzed the study today you would not recognise it as the same room.
This afternoon a dull roar was to be heard and Chris came in asking Ian to come and look at his mates new vehicle. Not sure what Dave & Vicky would say to having this on their lawn, just as well they were out.
Boys and their toys

Tilly decided she was not going to miss out on the action either.

Well not much happening here now tomorrow should be fun all off to an " It's a knockout " competition will take loads of pics.

Now there is a surprise .

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