Saturday, 20 September 2008

The weekend so far

Ian was off on Friday afternoon, so about 4pm we drove over
to see Jean for an hour. Her garden is coming on so well as I hope these pics
will show.

I love this photo Jean has put some plants on the pig sty roof for safe keeping they looked brilliant.

The greenhouse is up and being put to good use.

In the hour we were there I saw each of the cats in it. I think they think it is their own garden room.

As you can see Jean has worked amazingly well on the garden this is the new
flower bed under her lounge and kitchen windows.

This will be a tear drop shaped rose bed.Lots of Davis Austen roses in there.

Saturday was a busy day and sunny what a bonus. I had to finish of the front garden this included removing the lavender bushes. I am not sure if it was bad pruning or what but they were awful this year. When I was pulling them out the stems were rotten on many of them with a white fungi in the wood. YUK they went to the tip. We are off to the garden centre to see what to put there instead. will show you pictures in next post.

Then it was off to the rugby I am really enjoying watching the team not sure if I will be as enthusiastic in the rain , time will tell .

Vicky arrived to watch with Millie and Henry they love it down there as they can just run around .

And finally last night we joined Becky and Carl for dinner , Mel and Linda arrived at 7.30 and showed us some of their photos from the trip to Vancouver and surrounding areas.

As you can see we are having a good weekend . Sun is shining off to church now.

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