Monday, 27 October 2008

Another week in the Cook house

Hi everyone well like krista I have decided to only Blogg once a week. Term time we really do not have anything out of the ordinary share with you.
So here goes for this weeks update.

At work I organised a Mock wedding to reinforce the teaching I had been doing. This idea started as started small but ended up as a full Church wedding followed by a reception back at school. Being a small village school it was amazing that most of the parents got involved.There was a wedding cake and varied buffet at reception plus speeches and lots of laughter.

Compared to that the rest of the week was quiet. Half term started on Friday so went over to see Susie and co . Alfie and I went out to pick apples off the tree. On Saturday when my friend Carolyn arrived. She arrived in the midst of me making white lasagne and New York cheesecake( my first attempt) .

Saturday night most of the house hold were out in town. I went with Carolyn to see Mama Mia (3rd time) as a singalong what fun a whole cinema singing along to fab ABBA music. I then took Carolyn on a whistle stop tour of our town at night. Via a couple of pubs of Course. We arrived home very wet but having had a great time .

Ian was out with rugby club who were out helping Chris to celebrate being 20 ( any excuse will do to justify having a night out) And Liz was out with Gemma who just happened to join the guys in a 4 legged race round the pubs ( why oh why did I not have my camera.

Sunday was the day to celebrate Christopher's birthday . Gradually inhabitants of the house appeared downstairs all much worse for wear ( Carolyn and I were OK we only had 2 drinks ) . Carolyn left and then the house tidy started ( It was actually not bad)

As I had prepared most of the food on Saturday I was able to concentrate on other things. Like table setting. I love every chance I get to use the Kutani crane china

Chris was very happy with his present. We had all clubbed together to buy the boy who did not know what he wanted a Wii as you can imagine this has given all of us endless choices for future presents.

Before dinner was a good chance for AJ to catch up with us all , despite her now living so close it seems we never get together so when we do there is normally lots of laughter. As you can see Liz was still very tired.

And then time to eat the menu was
White lasagna and red lasagna (made with quorn) a fab tossed salad and great garlic bread a simple meal full of great flavour and loved by all. This was followed by a brilliant bowl of baked pears in Marsala made by Jean and the cheesecake and Chocolate pots.

And finally there is the cake made by the star cake maker Becky

All eyes were on Chris to sing the obligatory happy birthday needless to say we were all to full to actually eat any cake this happened much later.

And finally just had to include this photo of Tootsie & Tibbles two cats so different who normally can't stand being near each other .


Helen Neal said...

what is 'white' and 'red' lasagne?

Eden House said...

White lasagne is made with Chicken and brocoli and red is normal with ground beef or in this case we used quorn.
Please can I have acces to your other blogg?

Anonymous said...

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