Sunday, 19 October 2008

Ok Long time no news.

Well firstly where on earth are the weeks going to? secondly there is not a whole lot to tell or show you.
I have had a wonderfully exhausting weekend. Friday night Ian and I were out with our church at the annual harvest supper. It was the first time we had been so were not sure quite what to expect.
Ruth and I worked together to contribute chili & Rice I made chili Ruth made rice.
Ian and I turned up with slow cooker full of rice and 2 bottles of wine so far so good.
This initial part of the evening ended about 10pm we then joined a small group to go to local pub for a quick drink harmless enough. We rolled in at 1.45 am mmmmmmmmmmmm not quite so harmless . On the upside I had my first lock in where a pub closes its doors at midnight and if you inside you carry on drinking behind closed curtains and locked doors. It was great fun but needless to say not allot was achieved yesterday.
Saturday night was my chance to go out with Liz and Hannah we were joining a group of friends at the local British Legion to watch Fake That an okish tribute to take that. once again a good evening. Called I AM at 1am to pick us up.
It was such a pleasure to be out in the town with two of our fantastic four children .
Well that aside this week will be busy , Wed I have a wedding at school. the whole thing being acted out in the local church. sure I will post pics soon.
By for now.

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chainsnews said...

Loverly pic of you and 2 loverlies! Guess you did lots of laffing that nite. Good on you for bringing sparkle to harvest suppers and beyond. See you Frid, whatever time suits - say 12 ish, or sooner if you want.