Saturday, 11 October 2008

Where is October going ?

Well I can hardly believe that it is 11th October all ready. I am really enjoying work life now. Just completed 2nd full week at Norton In Hales. So different from Longlands, but love them both (did I really just say that) The week goes so quickly here Monday night is in theory Bible study at Friends house for Ian & I , Tuesday I am home alone as Hannah works Ian is away with work and Chris has Rugby . In theory this is planning night for Norton work. Wednesday night is the new 11+ home group called KAINOS which I co lead with the the new vicar Martin and Ruth his wife. Week 1 we had 4 attend , week 2 we had 6 and this week 5 . Hopefully we will have a steady number each week. Thursday is a study that I am attending called freedom in Christ I took it last year but missed a couple so am catching up. It is also rugby night and again Ian is away and Hannah often stays at Tom's house.
That leaves Friday that is reserved for WINE gardeners world and chilling. Actually last night we watched sex in the city . Great film but not as good as Mama Mia.

Ok that's me what about everyone else.
Ian he is doing really well on his new eating routine and very happy at work.
Liz is home for a month and working very hard at the nursing home she has worked at for a while and been a star at catching us up on all the odd jobs that never get done round here.
Chris well he has had a week off Rugby as last week his end made contact with an opposition players arm and was stretchered off to hospital. All was ok tho just very painful
Hannah working studying and partying what more can I say she is 17.......
Becky & Carl are doing well we had all over for dinner last Sunday so that was a good catch up time.
Do not have any new pics so will say bye for now .

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