Sunday, 7 December 2008

Pre Christmas rush

Well this has been a busy week for us. Started on Monday (how unusual I hear you say) with our 24th wedding anniversary and a trip to the dentist.

In the evening Ian and I went to one of our favourite restaurants " The swan with two necks" after I had arranged the enormous bouquet of flowers.

As Monday was the 1st I also set up all the Advent decorations.

First came the Nativity and fortunately I had expert help in setting it up with Millie from next door, who as the youngest person in the house has put baby Jesus somewhere safe until Christmas day.

Next came our oldest Advent calendar this wooden Nativity we have had for must be 15 years and each year the pieces fall of with the slightest knock , but its part of Christmas having said that this year it is in a new place so far so far so good.
And last but not least the Christmas tree countdown .Now all you guys out there who put real trees up way before Christmas I don't know how you keep them from dropping their needles please do tell. I put this one up in the place where the real one will go on the 13th ish

Well that's Advent sorted .

The rest of the week has been filled with school play rehearsals , Oscar rehearsals and booster groups for a couple of classes . Oh and frozen cars to defrost before school and work. Not much fun at any time but especially not 6am ish when Ian leaves.

On Thursday I went with Norton in Hales school to see Arabian nights It was fantastic . Theatre in the round is so good and ALL the children loved it

Then on Friday I moved the furniture round to accommodate the tree (when it arrives) so the Nativity is now in the window.

Next came the weekend and Saturday saw Ian and I and Becky and Carl driving over to visit my Father who once again is in hospital. He has heart failure and has gone from being a larger than life man to one who sadly is looking old. Hopefully he will be able to leave hospital this coming week. He is still independent but we do not want him to go back to his flat but unless there is a miracle I feel he will live out his days in the flat, we would love him to come and live here , Ian has plans for changing the downstairs to accommodate him.

Liz and James and Chris and Gemma are driving to see him today, so no doubt that will Cheer him up .

Speaking of Liz and James yesterday they moved into their first home together. They have a 2 bed apartment in Elland somewhere near Huddersfield.

I will take pics on 17th when we o up for the graduation ceremony.

Well best go have Rainbows to prepare for, pressies to wrap for friends in Manchester, then church and then I am off to Manchester for lunch and Ian s going down to Oxfordshire for his companies annual conference.

Have a great week and will fill you in again next week.

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Casey said...

I love your nativity set. It is so beautiful!