Monday, 8 December 2008

The Cooks in 2008

This is instead of us ( Me ) spending ages coming up with news about us all that is not bragging boring or just a complete waste of paper.

We love hearing everybodys news and hope that anyone reading this likes to know what we are up to.

You will be able to read through this blog for more details but here is a brief overview of Cook life.


Ian is working for Connaught a building contractor in the Midlands . He drives about 1 1/4 hours to work each morning if on time. "Connaught is the UK’s leading integrated services provider, operating in the social housing, public sector and compliance markets. We’re here to help you make homes, communities and work spaces pleasant, safe and welcoming." that is a quote from their web site . so very different from his last job.

Ian spends most Saturdays watching Chris play rugby.


I am working at two schools Longlands and Norton in Hales two very different primary schools 3 miles apart. Longlands has 6 classes Norton 4 . It is a tiny country school.

I am still running a Rainbow (5-7 girl guiding group) group on Monday nights.

And have just been asked to be a secretary for local chamber of trade.

KAINOS is a group at our church for 11+ young people . It is a cross between a cell group and homegroup. We started with 4 in Sept and have a regular 9 now.

Becky & Carl

Are living In Biddulph and eagerly awaiting the start of their extension. Becky is still working in an old people home in Congleton and Carl at Stoke 6th form college.

Liz & James

Have just moved into their new apartment in Elland. Liz is working as a staff nurse at Jimmy's Hospital Leeds on the children's Liver ward. On Dec 17th we will be going to Elizabeth's graduation ceremony.


Chris is working as a warehouse manager for a company called Bridgestone who specialise in Golf equipment. He has been going out with Gemma 16 months now , they have just returned from an amazing holiday in Egypt and are off somewhere else in January .
is busy studying for A levels not sure about uni yet wants to do social work. Tom is still very much part of her life. Hannah is also a fantastic young leader at Rainbows making my life so much easier.
As you have found this you will be able to search previous blogs to see what we have been up to this year .
We hope to see all the children on Christmas day and are having our usual mega gathering on boxing day, last count was 16.
We hope that 2009 and is a great one for all of you.

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