Tuesday, 17 February 2009


OK what a strange heading well it kind of sums up family life here right now.

Firstly we started of with 4 children living at home firstly Becky left then Liz and now Chris. Now this is actually good news for Hannah as she gets her choice of bedrooms. Needless to say she has chosen Christopher's old room.
Now I realise I might be responsible for this move out !!!!
I did ask him to tidy his room well he has in fact it is so tidy that it looks wrong. Seriously after being together for well over a year Chris & Gem have decided to move in together and it is only round the corner. Chris took the last of his belongings with him last night except what is in the ironing pile.
Now there are advantages to this move the biggest is NO MORE WET SMELLY RUGBY KIT ye ha !!!! and we will have more than 2 glasses in the cupboard and not on a window sill. seriously it is so strange him not being here but the time was right.

Another 4,3,2,1
Gradually one by one the children (adults) have passed their driving test well yesterday Becky followed in her Mums footsteps and passed after more than one try. Go Becky we knew you could do it.

I am sure there are many more 4,3,2,1 examples but I kind of think I will stop before you the reader is bored silly.

I am on half term at the moment and having a good time.
Adam arrived on Friday and is behaving like a typical teenager you will know what I mean.
Yesterday I went over to see AJ and we visited a friends for coffee I then got a bit of gardening done that felt good first bit of spring.

Today I drove up to Manchester and met Liz for lunch that was so special and then called into see Becky on the way home.
I love the fact that we have a family that want to see each other. Tomorrow Hannah is driving over for lunch with Becky then she is off to stay with Liz till Friday.

where has the time gone since they were little kids that had friends over for tea and bickered with their siblings.

On Saturday Ian and I drove down to London for valentines day and stayed with friends of ours and went to see a recording of a BBC show , well to be accurate Louise and I saw recording their babysitter let them down.
Well that is all our news for now except to say that Ian is working as hard as ever.

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