Sunday, 22 February 2009

A day in London

Valentines weekend was good fun. Ian and I went down to London we stayed with Dirk,Louise, Elliot , Jacques and Theo. The plan was to go and see a show being filmed for BBC1 called The Big Top, unfortunatley there had to be a change of plan as the babysitter let them down at the last minute.

Elliot Jacques

Louise and Theo Dirk and Theo

So at 6pm Louise and I left for the studio on our own. The recording was great fun and although there were lots of retakes the time flew by. Can't wait to see the actual show.

We then met up with the guys about 11pm ( Louises sister arrived at 8pm)

On the Sunday we Joined The family at their new Church St MArk's Battersea a good family church.
We then left for the journey North and I decided to snap away at sights as Ian drove through London.

Passed lots of well known names but sadly photos were blurred oh well never mind.

We got home about 5 having had a great time catching up with our friends.

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