Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Update time

This feels a bit like a confessional forgive me for it has been 11 days since I last Blogged.

Life here is quite now . Chris has settled well living with Gemma and Hannah and I are in a good routine. Ian is away Tuesday Wed and Thurs nights with work.

Last few days here have been glorious lots of sunshine not hot yet but certainly not cold.

I was able to spend Sunday afternoon in the garden and started the tidy up. Filled the green garden waste bin so had to stop.

Tilly also enjoyed the chance to find lost toys and generally romp around the garden chasing any unsuspecting cats or birds that dare to enter her domain.

Today is my Dad's 80Th birthday he was still in hospital this morning so I phoned the ward and got to wish him a happy birthday as did Hannah. I then sent the number to Becky

& Chris not sure if they managed to call him or not.

At 10am Dad was due to be returned to his care home called at 12 and he had arrived to the residents singing happy Birthday to him as he walked through the door.

We are all going over on Sunday to see him hopefully we will get to take him out for lunch .

Work is going well for me I got to go on a cricket training course yesterday and put into practise today what I had learnt.

Liz and James are away sunning themselves in Majorca until Saturday on a well deserved holiday.

Well best go got loads to get done please leave a comment if you read this its nice to get feedback.

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Helen Neal said...

Hi Tracy. I like reading your blog, although I rarely comment, sorry! I was just saying the same to Howard about not getting feedback, it makes you wonder if anyone even reads it. So I'd just like to say that I do read your blog and I enjoy catching up on the Cook family's goings-on. Helen