Thursday, 23 April 2009

St Georges Day

Ok The Country I live in as an English citizen may not be very patriotic but I am and am proud to fly my flag.
Maybe one day the leaders will decide that we should celebrate being English. There has been talk of making it another bank holiday we will have to wait and see.

Any way enough of that whats new in our house nowt really. All busy doing what we do and enjoying summer ( I must look back on this blog in July and August to remind myself we had sun.) This week has been glorious lets hope it stays until Oct .
My attempt at no nail biting has semi failed I have not bitten them but they have 1 by one broken despite nail strengthener I am gutted .

M Dad is in hospital again same old chest infection and fluid retention not good.

Well I am off to prepare for weight Watchers weigh in. Think I have not lost again this week despite living on salad.

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