Saturday, 9 May 2009

First garden show of the year

Oh my gosh what a day, firstly I have fallen in love with a garden ok I know that that is impossible to love an inanimate object ( my Grandad was always telling me that ) but honestly today I saw 2 wonderful ( and lots more ) gardens that I would like to make into one here.

Ok back down to earth now. We had great weather and like many things that are spur of the moment ideas it was a great day out.

This garden was a tribute to the victims of war and was best in show.
It was so simple but truly conveyed the message of the designer.

I will I think just leave you to look at the photos.

so come on how do I use the two designs to make one pool in my garden ( on a much smaller scale)

how about these for 2 good ideas using old biscuit tins?

And I know using old tyres is not new but they look so effective.

And the colours just blew me away this was just the Cacti display

And I love this simple seat.

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