Sunday, 7 June 2009


Well I am not sure what happened but last weeks blog disappeared sorry about that.
Will now do a quick photo catch up with no waffle.

Liz and Hannah were really excited about their experience that Becky and Carl gave them for Christmas. It was an experience that lasted about 30 seconds but they loved it

Think Tilly thought she should have
been allowed to go
and chase the big ball

They are off.

Tilly enjoyed her first trip to see Liz

Liz emerged first it looked like they were being born (breach).

Whose feet?

After emerging from the Sphere

My first crop from the garden took it to Elizabeth's

Can't remember where I saw this poppy but loved it.

This is the new hair colour and cut have to say looks NOTHING like this when I have finished with it LOL

Kath and I had a day with Jean I just love this part of Jeans garden

The good news is that HOPEFULLY my Father is moving nearer, we have managed to encourage him to move to Congleton. The home he will be going to is called the Laurels and is where Becky works so much nearer. The journey time is about 50 minutes so very do able after school
Ian seems to be enjoying his new job hopefully will hear his news later today when he gets home. He has been on a managers induction weekend.

Becky and Carl have recovered from their holiday to Cape Verde and are back on target to get their building work started.

Liz and James are about to start their last week of being apart. James has been away Mon - Fri training to do his Ambulance job exams this week.Liz might be home this week for a couple of days.

Chris and Gemma are looking forward to their holiday also to Cape Verde also Gem is looking for a new job finally decided to call it a day when she was head butted and left with concussion a couple of weeks ago.

And Hannah and Tom are busy (hopefully ) revising for their A levels. Good news arrived this week for Hannah she has found a placement to do her adult apprenticeship in child care.
I am loving my new job but looking forward to the summer break.
Well that's it for now

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