Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Party

This is a selection of photographs from Christopher and Gemma's engagement party. We were blessed with good weather and no rain.
This is Kath and Phil Gemma's wonderful parents. It is so good to know that Christopher is welcomed by the Trueman family.
This is Adam who really enjoyed the evening
Gemma Beauty Grandad and Christopher

Chris and Gemma cutting their cake that was the most yummylicous cake ever thank you Linda

I took this while messing with my camera decided going to use as my thank you card picture

The swine with flu much better but still confined to bedroom.

Carolyn and I we had a great time and caught up on lots

Becky & Carl , Becky was ace at organising in the kitchen it was so strange doing the food side of the party that's Ian's role I normally do the making pretty. So thank you Becky

The Couple themselves not often Gemma looks taller

Carolyn the bestest friend in the whole world have known Carolyn since April 1984 when we moved to Old Trafford and with the exception of her eldest daughter Heather have been there for all our 7 children's arrivals . I am Godmother to Kathryn and she is Godmother to Hannah and Ian ( ex husband) is Christopher's Godfather.

My Dad was a star all day . he really enjoyed being with us and wooed all the ladies. everybody loved him as they always do.

Liz and James again thanks Liz could not have done party without your amazing help.

Hannah and Tom had this taken on Friday as Tom was having to work instead of coming to the party.
I want to print of these photos of the Children and their other halves and make a collage of them.

These few photographs show that everybody had a great time. The younger end went into Hanley at about 8pm and continued the celebration with many more friends.
Us oldies stayed home and had as Good time reminiscing and getting to know each other better .
At the end of the evening when all had gone home we packed up the garden and gazebos loaded the dishwasher and then sat out side star watching drinking tea and putting the world to rights well Carolyn and I did.

These are photos of Chris and Gem detailing their life before they met to present day

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