Saturday, 25 July 2009

Party day or Costco saves the day !!!!!!!!!

The super sewing lady hemming table cloths

So far so good.................... The layout for the party

Tilly and I did an inspection of the estate this morning and all is in order.

This is Linda putting chairs together

Kathe Chief Florist

Gemma the Bride who we could not get rid off

Aunt Susan ( Gemma's Dad's twin) Gemma and Kath

The hooded gardener doing community service she has an ASBO ( A super Buddy Order that is)

Yesterday Ian walked in the house and straight upstairs, the reason the swine has Flu now he must be unwell he never comes home from work ill.

We hummed and Haahd as to whether to cancel the party and decided that as A it was going to be outside and we have a side gate and B Ian literally came in and went up stairs without passing go ( sorry love Monopoly) and as the virus lasts minutes on items touched ( plus I anti bacterial wiped banister) I and consulted ones are fairly sure the house is safe. All windows are open and the sun is shinning. We are fortunate to have an en suite so Ian is literally confined to barracks.

I did call two vulnerable guests last night one of whom has decided to not attend .

The strange thing is I have never done the catering side myself always had Ian do the main bulk but thankfully we had decided a simple menu and Praise the Lord for COSTCO. We are having a fab piece of Beef that has been sent to a friend to cook ( I am scared of ruining it) and a gammon plus Salmon ( Brides Mum doing the honours) , the rest is Trish's potato salad feels like she is here when we have a party, regular salad oh and a party would not be a party without Krista'a Spinach and strawberry salad.

There will then be Fudge cake from Costco, Pear tart , cookies and some other dessert courtesy of Becky and the Cake made by Linda ( Carl's Mum) .

So all in all think we will be ok.

Ian can look out of the window and join the toast if up to it.

Needless to say there will be a mega blog this coming week with photos.

Hope life is good where ever you are.

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