Thursday, 23 July 2009

What a night

Me being daft with Chumleigh. It was slightly cold and I decided to wrap him in my pasmina needless to say he loved it .

This area is looking so good If I get time one day I will do a comparrison blog it is so different.

On Wednesday 22nd July I went over to spend the night with AJ . It was her open garden for the ladies group of Norton. The weather managed to behave and a pleasant hour was spent serving drinks to her fellow ladies. We then moved onto another two gardens and ended up in the village hall drinking Pimms ( no I did not get drunk) and having desserts ( yes I was restrained)

This was Shanty and Chumleigh racing to get to me first.

Today has been spent preparing the house for the engagement party . Tomorrow hopefully the sun will shine and I can get the garden ship shape. Luckily for me my own Cinderella is coming to help me , I am sure you will recognise her on the blog photos over the next few days.

We are all so excited about Christopher and Gemma getting married and Saturday is a Chance for us to share that excitement.

We will all be together with Gemmas family from Newcastle joining us. And my Father (BG AKA Beauty Grandad) coming over for his first visit since relocating to Congleton. Needless to say My Father is very pleased that there will be some Geordie blood running through the family. It must be the equivalent of Muggles in Harry Potter !!!!

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