Sunday, 19 July 2009

Where has the last month gone?

I am not sure why but have not been able to move pictures around this time so they are all out of order. This tree is in the grounds of Rowton castle would love to know what it has witnessed over the years it is ancient.
It has been lovely the fact that Dad gets to see his grandchildren regularly. One Thursday Liz came down from Elland we met up at Becky & Carl's and went for a meal as Liz said it would have taken 3 journeys to do what she did that day and all because Dad is in Congleton.

This was taken at a lovely pub in Congleton. I snapped a second to early a second later and Dad had a beaming smile on his face. Managed to eat fish chips and mushy peas followed by a mega sundae.

Love this pic just a quick snap

This is Tilly post hair cut . Yesterday she took a trip to a new Groomer I am pleased with the cut but next time will ask not to go quite so short. Much better for the summer ( if it ever arrives)

The next three photos were taken when we had an impromptu bar b Q lit the brazier as well and made smores had to come in when the rain came.

This is Adam for those of you who don't know him .

Yet another off guard snap love it.

This was Tilly prior to the groomer getting started. I really will not miss the tumbleweed of fur that gather in every corner but she does look cuter with shaggy hair.

Obviously the next big news is Chris and Gem, as most of you will now know on July 1st whilst on an island in Cape Verde Chris proposed to Gemma she accepted and they are planning to get married on Dec 4th 2010. Everything is booked wedding is taking place at Rowton Castle near Shrewsbury it is stunning . Save the dates sent and invitations to engagement party went last Monday, photographer , cake, DJ, guest list colour scheme flowers all done just sitting back and waiting now.

This last month has been really busy.My Dad is now settled well into the laurels. We have been over to see him loads and been out for meals to local pubs.
It is brilliant to see how his mobility has improved whilst I am not expecting him to run a marathon ( not this year any way) he is moving around the home really well.

Ian is enjoying Bristol and has found a room in a family home as off Mid August so thats good for him. He is still getting to know people so has spent this weekend in Bristol again. Will be home next weekend as it is the engagement party and then the next one Aug 1st we will be heading off to France as long as my passport arrives.
The term ended on a down note as Hannah got swine flu and I was not allowed in school I can understand why ( even tho guidelines say I could go in) we are such a small school and would spread very easily. Hannah is much better now and so far so good I have not developed it.
Well that is all for now folks off to Telford today to see Ben Crewe being Baptized. They are home from Dubai for couple of weeks. Should have been up in Keswick this weelk but decided better to stay close to home incase I get the you know what.

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