Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ok a new day a new way

This is the first of a new blogging for me.I was going to blog from phone not worked Then I thought I would just add whenever but that not worked. I have decided that the problem was that I was trying to hang on to the old life ie married with happy family life .
This is not the case I am single and have to get on.
I come from the Castle family and if my memory serves me correctly thats what we do.

I had 25 (nearly) years married to Ian I had hoped and prayed it was forever but no. I am not going to go into details people who need to know know. Those years were not wasted how can a marriage that produced four fantastic children be a waste and despite it all ending Ian and I DID have some fantastic times together. He was a brilliant father and mostly a wonderful husband. I truly did want to spend the rest of my life with him, but that was not what he wanted.

I am beginning the slow and at times painful journey of rebuilding and creating an identity for me as me not as me wife of Ian.
I have four brilliant Children Rebecca Elizabeth Christopher and Hannah all who have been great in different ways over the last 3 months, whilst dealing with their own thoughts on it all.

These have been through encouraging texts, extra hugs, phone calls , little gifts and sunflowers. This has not been an easy time for them but knowing that we are all there for each other helps.
I am sure that this has not been easy for Ian either and hopefully we will be able to be friends and still parent our Children as they need it, attend family type events eg Christophers wedding together and support them as they continue their own journeys into whatever the future holds for them.
Does this all make sense I hope so.
I look forward to Blogging again with pictures of whats happening starting later with a trip Christmas shopping and  Ice skating .

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