Monday, 9 November 2009

Tilly Meets Billy

Billy & Tilly ever hopeful for scraps as I am sure you can see they are starved and emaciated from hunger!!!!

Billy will be very gorgeous when groomed

He is really a very appealing dog.

It was a wonderful Winter Sunday afternoon and Tilly and I drove over to visit Aunt Jean (AJ) to meet Billy her new dog. Billy is 2 years old and has come from a broken marriage. He is so cute even tho I did say that only a mother could love something that scruffy bit like Tilly really.
Any way after a cup of refreshing lady grey and lemon we took the dogs for a walk. The weather was sunny and not cold dogs well behaved and a chatter brilliant.
Came home with two semi tired dogs fed the birds and then it was brew time and more chatter while AJ made a lovely meal.

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