Wednesday, 2 December 2009

SInce last time ................

Well it's Wednesday already, Advent has arrived and most importantly of all  (to me) My silver wedding anniversary has passed. It was a horrid day and emotionally probs among top 10 worst days ever. But I survived thanks to lots of kind texts, Face book comments and hugs not forgetting a fab bouquet of flowers from AJ and dinner at the JAIPUR our local Indian restaurant. I was banned from taking a photo as Hannah has a cold sore.

Sunday was one hectic but fun day started of getting up early then finally leaving the house later than planned and changing plans. I met up with Nick one of my Worcester friends he was also an usher at my wedding. Got back here just after  3.30 grapped Ponmille ( student) went to church for rehearsal for service for KAINOS. All went well . Poms Dad arrived as well had a great evening went to bed tired .

Monday was Rainbows finished Christmas decorations etc

 Now that December is here Christmas is in full swing at school ( I love it) today sees the first get together for the Christmas production, I will have a group doing an African dance  ( with 2 left feet and toes that point inwards I am not exactly the best at dancing).

On Wednesday I run an after school club called BOB'S club this stands for build our bible skills. Tonight we are learning about Advent.

 Must go into loft later and get Advent things down.

So that's it really sorry no photos best camera is being repaired and left little one at church on Sunday.

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