Thursday, 10 December 2009

Catch up

This was a photo Becky sent me and I managed to adjust.
Tonight ponmile and I put the Nativity together I have been slow at getting going this Christmas normally this is done on Dec 1st .

I starte dthe mantlepiece last saturday as a token to making the lounge look Christmassy but felt so rotten did not proceed much further.

I also managed to make this looks ok and smells great.

Saturday night I was home alone apart from the animals who all decided to decend on the lounge and were all very cosy

Emily belongs to Becky & Carl she is with us until their extenson is finished she has settled in well.

Tootsie does choose to sit in the strangest place.

This was a coule of days later on fire place

Tilly was trying to get her paws round wrapping but not really very good.

I tried to convince Hannah that this was enough of a tree she was not having it. I did offer to put more decorations on it.

Anyway thats about it from round here.
Sure there will be more to come soon.

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Helen Neal said...

You're looking more Christmassy than us right now! Looks great!