Friday, 19 February 2010

Weighty Issue

Ok so what is the purpose of me putting this totally unflattering photo of me  ( the cute one is Tilly) on this blog?
It is because I have lost 15lb since this photo was taken.
That is just over 5% of my body weight.
There is still 56lb ish to go but I am so pleased with this amount, and sharing it on here means it will not be easy for me to slip it back on again.
I have yo yo dieted for years but something has clicked this time round.
Since my marriage break up I have realised that I only have to please me not anyone else nor am I in competition with anyone else.
I choose to diet just as I choose what to eat. I am choosing that Hannah and I will be eating healthily as we both enjoy it not because we have to.
Although all my children are adults and don't need Mum looking after them I am quite sure they would like me around for a while yet so it is down to me to protect my heart from attack and do my best to protect my body from diet related cancer.
The next phase is to up the excercise regime.
I also have my sons wedding in December and I would so love to be in a size 18 by then.
So I am committed to working with my Weight Watchers leader so much so that I have offered to help on the sign in table every week.
So how much do I weigh this week well I weigh 17st 9 1/2lb or 247lb disgusting I know. The only good thing I have on my side is that I am tall so do not look obese but lets not shy away from that word I am obese and have a disgustingly bad BMI as well.
There I have said it all now and do you knoow what It feels good to have shared it although I am sure most of you if you have bothered to read this at all will not be in the slightest bit interested.
I would really appreciate your supportive comments tho please I have a long struggle ahead of me.
Any tips appreciated


GardenofDaisies said...

Good for you!! I'm trying to lose some weight too. It's one of those battles that a lot of us women face. I'm trying to eat healthier, and as soon as this icky cold weather goes away I can get outside to walk again.

Lauryn Abbott said...

Way to go! I've been working hard at losing weight too, and achieved losing 27lbs since late November, but in the last week I've been sick, so no working out plus eating comfort food has caused a 5lb gain. I'll get back on track though. As far as advice, I'd say truly making up your mind is the biggest first step and you've done that. Stick with what works for you and push through when you hit a plateau (it always happens at some point). Good luck! Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog! :-)

H said...

Hey TC, Went up to OT yesterday & saw sonme old friends. Long day, but brilliant.

Well done you with the weight loss. I'm heavier at the mo than I have been for ages, so I also need to lose quite a chunk. Struggling a bit tho. You go for it & keep us posted. It's an encouragement! :)

AJ said...

Good job! 15 pounds doesn't come off easily, you should be really giving yourself some "positive self talk"

:) Thanks for the comments on my blog!