Friday, 5 March 2010

All new

New Beginings

Ok It is time to move on On wednesday Ian came and took his personnal belongings away
to his new home. And despite many of my friends suggestions no I did not damage anything and no I did not just chuck it out in black bin bags, what would that have acheived?  Any way back to the title of the blog All New  The bedroom is now mine not ours that is strange but it's ok . I have  decided to make a few changes in the room firstly AJ and I visited Trentham yesterday and purchased a new bedding set  could really do with a visit to Spokane so I could have some really good choice of 6ft bedding but hey I love this one that I finally settled on. I am also going to paint the room Please don't laugh those that know my skills or lack off it will be fine.


As I said yesterday AJ came over and she came bearing gifts of eggs all free range organic and as you can see different in size and I have to say they were so golden inside and yummy.

Another new for me well first I decided to put these eggs to good use whilst still so fresh and overcome my inability to make omlettes. Having checked out the internet and looked at videos of how to make this simple meal I set too, well I say I I was actually Hannah Pom and I they chopped what they wanted and I carfeully prepped the eggs and lovingly cooked them over a gentle heat ( as instructed) . Hannah and Pom finished theirs under the grill but I folded mine in half and I have to say they were FANTASTIC I have overcome that fear . All I need now is to go and buy a decent omlette pan.

New Slippers

Now I hear you say why is Tracy blogging new slippers ?
Well they are my slippers and I love them . The reason I love them is because I have size 9 feet and have NEVER had pretty slippers , Liz bought me some lovely brown ones last Christmas (08) and they were very comfy and warm but  I have lost one .
Yesterday AJ just had to go into this shoe shop this is the one shop I hate as I can never find shoes easily. The sales assistant very kindly gave us both discount vouchers and I very politley said I am sorry you wont go big enough for me , How wrong I was . AJ was drawn to slippers and lo and behold the went to large sizes I tried so many pairs on and with each pair was getting more excited I could so easily have come away with 5 pairs.
I settled on these and they are so comfy I LOVE them .

And finally

After Trentham AJ and I went to vist my Father this was lovely for Jean as she got to see Becky who works at the care home Dad lives in.
We had not said we were going so it was a lovely surprise for all. I know my Dad loves to see Jean and was happily talking about books and a special book that Mum had bought him in 1976 and signed it.

So as I said all new I do not know what my future holds but I do know that there is a path for me to follow and I have a fantastic set of family and friends around me .
thanks guys .

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Steph said...

Lovely bedding and really cute slippers. It seems you are doing many things to live daily life fully. Praying for you as I read your posts and look through your special blog.