Monday, 22 March 2010

Chester or Dewa

Today I was on a school trip with class 3 to Chester to learn more about life in the Roman times.

Our Roman expert was Walkus Crispus very good at his job and kept 31 pupils entertained .

Also saw these Romans whilst on our tour wonder what names they had.

All the pupils were given a shield to protect themselves as the marched round the city.

Chester is an amazing Archealogical site this is the Ampitheatre being excavated. The Roman ruibs are down as far as 3.5m below street level.

I am not as hot on my history as AJ but I am still fascinated that these artefacts have been unearthed intact from under the city.

Ok so this is not a Roman building but still beautiful ( if you like that kind of thing )

We sat and ate our lunch just behind this for sale sign sheltering from the rain.

We were not the only school visit today and at one point I did wonder as to whether the locals would be happier being invaded by the Romans as opposed to groups of 30 children I am not sure I could choose.

We all had a great day and I certainly learnt alot.

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H said...

For years, I did Romans with Y3! Invaders and Settlers has to be my favourite bit of British history, This is really interesting. Sounds like you had a great day!
Walkus Crispus!!! LOL